My First Week in France

Well … I have officially been in France for a little over a week and so far it has been a whirlwind of emotions!!

DAY 1:  I set of on my adventure on August 20th and after seventeen hours of flying, layovers, and a high-speed train ride I made it to the Aix en Provence train station to be picked up by Matthieu! I got off the train and walked with nerves and excitement to be able to see him after four seemingly long months! It is very romantic to come into France and have your boyfriend waiting with a rose and a smile, and happy to show you his country! (FYI: The rose got destroyed within minutes because the wind in the South of France can be harsh sometimes! ) But after playing catch up and a good nap, we went off to his parents for me to meet and to have my first official French dinner. The evening was nice, relaxing, but that night sleep was calling for me.

DAY 2 and 3: Day two and three was cut into half a bit because my body clock had me wake up at 1 p.m.. But i caught up a little more on some sleep and relaxed a bit more with Matthieu, and afterwards had dinner again with his family and the third night I had my first French pizza, since Matthieu had been dying to have me try some. Covered in lots of cheese obviously and potatoes (which is definitely different from what i am accustomed to, which is lots of marinara, pepperoni and cheese.) Afterwards Matthieu took me out to meet his friends and luckily some spoke english! But is was very nice and I enjoyed meeting everyone!

DAY 4: Now the excitement can really begin! I meet the family! After skyping for almost eight months it was nice to finally meet the family that I will be living with for six months. Everyone was really excited and the kids were adorable. Right away the oldest, Baptiste wanted me jumping on the trampoline and talking about The Avengers! Next the youngest (Margot) was wanting me to play a Zootopia memory game. Which by the way I have probably already played twenty times within this week! And the middle child (Julian) was wanting to show me his legos. The evening was really nice and the house was beautiful. The village is up high on a hill within the mountains so it over looks the area. OH! And the dad loves movies, so they have built their own Cinema in the basement, which is awesome because I love movies, and it is adorned with reclining chairs and all. After dinner and some very tasty wine, I was still overcoming my jet lag so more rest to come.

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                                         The view from the house


Baptiste (left) and Julian (right)



Margot and Matthieu

DAY 5 AND 6: Once I became more settled the family took me into the main city, Aix en Provence. So much beauty in this city. Every corner you turn there is another street full of interesting shops, cafes, people, markets and jaw dropping views. They showed me around, where I would be going to school, we bought fresh fruit and tried on hats with the kids. Afterwards, one lesson began; how to drive a manual car, because in Europe pretty much every car is a manual. The lessons started out rough, and luckily I had a few lessons before I left but with a language barrier it can be hard learning within in France.

DAY 7, 8 AND 9: It has become the weekend and the kids are becoming more open, they are being good and fussy, but overall they have been great. They ask me questions and I look at them with some confusion, but since I have been here I have already learned a lot and it is very helpful for me since I will have to speak French with them. I have continued my driving lessons and have become better every day. Finally I have stopped stalling and now have to not panic (oh, how much i already miss an automatic car!)


Cute scenery in the Village where I live

Also I have meet other Aupairs within the area, which is awesome because I know there will come a time where we all need to vent and understanding each others day to day lives is helpful!

Now school has started  for the kids and soon my courses  will begin and it will be nice to actually sit down and study French, which I am really looking forward too!


The Four Dolphins Fountain (My school is about 10 feet away)

Bisous XX

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