A Year In France Bucketlist

Last year when I got the email from Disney for congratulating me on getting accepted into the Disney College Program, one of the first things I did was create a bucket list of everything I wanted to see, attend, food I wanted to try , and even personal accomplishments I wanted to do during my time. Having a bucket list is really a great thing to have for yourself, especially when you know you have a limited amount of time to do something.

So, ever since I found out that I was going to be moving to France, I have been researching places I want to go, foods I want to try, and cultural activities I would like to attend. As my time in France gets closer, my bucket list has become longer and longer.

As the year goes by I will start marking things off my bucket list that I have achieved.(I have a lot of places I want to travel and everything I do not achieve in a year well become apart of my overall life bucket list!) I hope you start creating yourself a bucket list for not only a limited amount of time but for your whole life. No matter what your bucket list holds, you can mark them off with some dedication and personal encouragement!




  • Become fluent in french


  • Oktoberfest
  • International Lyric Art Festival of Aix-en-Provence
  • Feria de Pentecost Festival
  • Beaucaire Festival


  • Mont Saint-Michel – France
  • Paris – France
  • Nice – France
  • Cannes – France
  • Normandy – France
  • Loire Valley – France
  • Colmar – France
  • Chamonix Mont Blanc – France
  • Etretat – France
  • Pont de Millau – France


  • Ireland
    • Dublin, Game of Thrones Winterfell Tour, Kerry
  • Italy
    • Cinque Terre, Tuscany, Milan
  • United Kingdom
    • London, Warner Brothers Studio Tour of Harry Potter, Cornwall, York
  • Germany
    • Neuschwanstein Castle, Berlin, Munich
  • Switzerland
    • Matterhorn, Geneva


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