Becoming the Scenery

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Hello Everyone!! Welcome to my new blog Becoming the Scenery. My name is Megan Johnson and I want to start this blog to share my upcoming travels and future travels with you all. Come August 2016 I will embark on a new adventure far from Sweet Home Alabama. My move will take me to the South of France in a city called Aix en Provence! There I will spend ten months living with a family, being their Au Pair.

I just recently finished an internship at Walt Disney World. There I fell in love even more with the idea of travel and began researching all the possibilities to live and immerse my self in a European culture.

My goals for Becoming the Scenery: 

  1. Show you that travel can happen. I want to be able to show everyone that no matter the circumstances you can and will always be able to travel.
  2. Share my experiences of being an Au Pair. Throughout the next ten months I will be living with a host family and immersing myself into the French culture. During my stay I want everyone to see how becoming an Au Pair could be your ideal choice for travel.
  3. BE MYSELF! My main goal for my blog is to have fun and be myself. I am a southern girl from a small town and I want to show everyone my fun self and to show you all that I can relate to you. I simply enjoy learning about new cultures, seeing new sights and trying new food during it all, and I want to share with everyone my fun adventures through Europe and soon the rest of the World.

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